Culture and Space: How Engaging Workspaces Can Lead to Transformation and Growth

AIA Course #: HAW582
IDCEC Course #: CC- 104182
Subject Code: 4.Design Specialties / 1. Corporate Office

One Hour Course

Course Description:

 Designing workplaces that promote collaboration, engagement and innovation require abandoning old building models and aligning with the more fluid, modern office environment. This course will help provide an understanding of how to articulate the importance in identifying a company’s current culture and how to remove barriers that do not support the desired culture by sharing an introduction into validated culture frameworks.

Course Objectives:

o Understand how old business models still being used today differ from today’s actual workforce behaviors – innovation and culture
o Articulate the relationship between engagement versus the success of a business and how they both influence space
o Speak about norms of new business leaders
o How you can use culture in the creation of meaningful spaces

Content Outline:

1. Introduction
2. Discuss the negative impact of how using old building models impact new workplace values
3. Consider the largest percentage of building costs and why it is important to build spaces that support it
4. Create an understanding of how innovation drives success
5. Learn how to translate culture into a means to achieve workplaces that promote collaboration, engagement, and innovation
6. Develop an understanding of the competing values framework and how to implement into a company’s workspace
7. Conclusion | Question & Answer